CONCERT Global Group LTD is a Silicon Valley-based advisor technology firm that provides cutting-edge services to independent financial advisors. Our fully-integrated technology platform of financial and administrative support services offers increases in efficiency and scale. Through this open platform, we empower advisors to focus their time on client-centered activities while enjoying a personalized balance of autonomy and support.

Advisor Services

CONCERT Advisor Services Inc, a subsidiary company of CONCERT Global Group LTD, equips financial advisors with specialized technology designed to increase their clients’ assets and grow their own business. Through partnership with CONCERT, advisors are able to leverage a suite of technologies that streamline business-critical tasks from customer relationship management to back and middle-office services. Our expertise and support empower advisors to serve efficiently as a fiduciary to their clients.

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Capital Management

CONCERT Capital Management is the investment management branch of CONCERT Wealth Management Inc, a registered investment advisor that is wholly owned by CONCERT Global Group LTD, which provides client-specific insights and solutions to advisors. Our suite of investment strategies is based on leading market intelligence, ensuring that clients can comfortably invest according to their individual risk tolerance, investment time-horizon, and liquidity requirements. By leveraging our technology to handle portfolio allocation tasks, we enable the advisor to spend more time on client interaction and practice development.

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Technology icon

CONCERT offers a variety of industry leading technological products and solutions for our Financial Advisor's everyday use. From various products meant to increase efficiency in daily operations to specialty offerings aimed at uncovering and addressing client needs, our seamlessly integrated product platform gives our Advisors that edge needed to achieve their targeted growth. Our comprehensive services are used to support Advisors allowing them the freedom to operate and manage their practice the way they see fit. Continue to this page to find out more about the specific products, services, and upcoming offerings enjoyed by CONCERT Advisors.

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